Powerful Mix: KitchenAid® Commercial NSF-Certified Stand Mixers

Created for Your Kitchen

With a high-efficiency DC motor, the KitchenAid® Commercial Stand Mixer delivers optimum torque with quiet all-metal gears. The stand mixer is available with a bowl guard (KSMC895) or without (KSM8990) to meet your needs.

Designed to run longer with less heat buildup, the stand mixer can be used for a variety of creations:

  • Mix sweet batters for cakes and pastries
  • Whisk feather-light eggs, creams and mayonnaise
  • Knead thick dough for breads and buns
  • Stir savory potatoes and meatloaf

Capacity for Creativity

From creating smaller specialties to larger batches of dough, there’s a bowl for all of your needs. An 8-quart brushed stainless steel bowl comes standard, and 5-quart or 7-quart bowls are available separately. Each bowl has a commercial “J” style handle for ease of use, too.

8-Qt Bowl: KSMC8QBOWL; 7-Qt Bowl: KSMC7QBOWL; 5-Qt Bowl: KSMC5QBOWL
Tip: The bowl and beater are designed to provide thorough mixing without frequent scraping, as the planetary mixing action provides complete bowl coverage.

Versatility for Your Vision

The three commercial-grade stainless steel attachments come standard, so you’re perfectly positioned to make the perfect recipe.

Flat beater (KSMC7QFB)
Make an assortment of delicious dishes:

  • Mix sweet batter for cakes, cookies, pie pastries and quick breads
  • Whip creamy frostings and sticky candies
  • Stir savory meatloaf, mashed potatoes and biscuits

Elliptical whisk (KSMC7QEW)
Craft the perfect recipe:

  • Whisk eggs, egg whites, heavy cream, mayonnaise and boiled frostings
  • Create aerated mixtures, such as sponge cake and angel food cake batter

Dough hook (KSMC5QBOWL)
Mix the heartiest of dough types:

  • Knead batter for breads, rolls, buns and coffee cakes
  • Model: KSMC5QBOWL

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