Versatile Blend: KitchenAid® Commercial NSF-Certified Immersion Blenders

Versatility to Inspire

With a dual-speed motor, three blending arms to choose from, a whisk attachment (KHBC10WER) and a handy storage wall rack, the KitchenAid® Commercial Immersion Blender is perfectly suited to make a variety of creations:

  • Silky, smooth soups
  • Various vegetable purées
  • Compotes, chutneys and sauces
  • Mousses and pâtés
  • House-made mayonnaise and aïoli
  • Fresh pesto and tapenade
  • Smoothies and specialty drinks
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Creams and aerated mixtures

A Model for Every Job

The KitchenAid® Commercial Immersion Blender is designed with power and versatility in mind. Whichever model you choose, you can count on the same dual-speed motor to power your creativity and kitchen.

8" Immersion Blender
A favorite for creating sauces and emulsions, such as a batch of fresh pesto or special house-made mayonnaise, when precision makes all the difference.

The 8" arm makes this model compact and easy to store. Powered by the same heavy-duty motor as the other models, this blender is perfectly suited for shallow containers. Model: KHBC208ER

10" Immersion Blender
The choice for creating the perfect mix when blending smoothies or other specialty drinks.

This immersion blender is ideally suited to a variety jobs. The stainless steel, dishwasher-safe arm is your choice to reach the bottoms of deeper containers such as pitchers and glassware. Model: KHBC210ER

12" Immersion Blender
Whip up generous batches of creamy soup of the day in minutes with this powerful tool in your hand.

With a detachable blending arm, this is the best choice to handle hefty batches up to 10 gallons (or 40 quarts). Model: KHBC212ER


Your KitchenAid® Commercial Immersion Blender has a few hidden talents. It’s great for the following odd jobs:

  • Reconstituting separated peanut butter
  • Smoothing out gravy that’s settled or become lumpy
  • Softening cream cheese
  • Chopping nuts and herbs

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